LTL3TELA is a translator of LTL formulae to omega-automata with generic acceptance condition.
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LTL3TELA is a tool that translates LTL formulae to nondeterministic automata. The translation follows in two steps.

  1. The formula is translated into a an equivalent Self-loop Alternating Automaton (SLAA)
  2. The SLAA is deealternated into nondeterministic automaton.


The Spot library has to be installed. Version 2.4 or higher is required for LTL3TELA to compile and work properly.


make should be enough to compile LTL3TELA.


Use ./ltl3tela -f 'formula to translate'. See ./ltl3tela -h for more information.

Experimental evaluation

The first step of the translation used in LTL3TELA (LTL to SLAA) was submitted for presentation at the LPAR-22 conference. Jupyter notebook Evaluation_LPAR18 contains scripts and other data used to evaluate performance of F-merging and F,G-merging introduced in the paper. Their performance is also compared to translation implemented in the tool LTL3BA. The impact of the merging was performed on the set of formulae traditionally used to benchmark LTL translators and on 1000 randomly generated formulae that contain only operators F and G.


If you would like to run the notebook by yourself, you need to have the folowing tools installed in PATH on your system.

Known bugs

LTL3TELA is unable to set more than 32 acceptance marks, therefore some larger formulae cannot be translated. This is a limitation of Spot.