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Aimybox Android SDK

Aimybox provides open source Android SDK written in pure Kotlin. This SDK contains all you need to create a voice assistant or embed it into your existing Android project:

Key features of Aimybox Android SDK

  • core Aimybox service maintains all voice assistant related processes
  • ready to use modules of speech to text, text to speech, wake word detector and NLP/NLU
  • ready to use voice assistant UI components that can be embedded into an existing application
  • fully extendable and customisable
  • can be quickly embedded into any existing Android app or device
  • custom voice skills can explore local device's services and networks
  • Apache 2.0 license means that you can modify the source code and don't have to open your

How to start using it

There are two parts of the SDK: Core Android SDK and UI components.

Core SDK

Use this module if you have to add voice capabilities to your existing application or create all new voice assistant.

|| Note that in this case you have to implement all UI/UX of the voice assistant on your own

Also if you plan to embed voice assistant into your device that provides a custom UI/UX - this option is most appropriate.

Learn more about Core Android SDK

UI components

Use this library if you plan to embed a ready to use voice assistant into an existing application or create yet another voice assistant with well-known UI.

| UI components includes all you need to quickly embed voice capabilities into your app

Learn more about Aimybox UI components