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Stringy Train Stops

Uses signalstrings to rename train stops, and send trains to them.

To rename a stop, send the string along with signal-stopname. To send a train to a stop, send the string along with signal-goto.

To program multiple stops, send a series of stops as:

  • signal-schedule = 1-based index in schedule
  • string of destination stop name OR the Schedule Rail signal and X&Y coordinates of a rail to go to
  • wait condition: (Multiple wait conditions will be composed with AND)
    • signal-wait-time = time to wait
    • signal-wait-inactivitiy = time to wait
    • signal-wait-empty
    • signal-wait-full
    • signal-wait-robots
    • signal-wait-circuit - will wait for signal-black
    • signal-wait-passenger - positive values will wait for a passenger, negative will wait for the passenger to get out.

Then send signal-schedule=-1 to send the train to the first stop in the schedule.

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