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Lua Shell
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Utility Combinators

A set of general utility cominators. Includes: Location Combinators, Bonus Combinators, Player Combinators, Research Combinators

Bonus Combinator

Outputs various force bonus levels:

Bonus Signal
force.worker_robots_storage_bonus signal-R
force.inserter_stack_size_bonus signal-I
force.stack_inserter_capacity_bonus signal-J
force.character_logistic_slot_count signal-L
force.character_trash_slot_count signal-T
force.quickbar_count signal-Q
force.maximum_following_robot_count signal-F
force.mining_drill_productivity_bonus * 100 signal-P

Location Combinator

Outputs its location (signal-X and signal-Y) and the index of teh current surface (signal-Z).

Player Combinator

With no input, outputs the total player count (signal-blue) and total online player count (signal-green). With input signal-grey=index, outputs that player's online (signal-green) and admin (signal-red) status, and if the Signal Strings Library is isntalled, the players name.

Research Combinator

Outputs the science packs required for the current research, the number of reserach cycles (signal-black), and the current progress in percent (signal-grey). If the Signal Strings Library is installed, also outputs the name of the current research.

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