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Gitter An InProcess HTTP server which can be mocked and asserted against to allow for full stack HTTP testing

  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • Getting Started
  • Contributing
  • Copyright


JustFakeIt is a mockable HTTP server which is hosted within your unit test process and provides you with the ability to test your applications entire HTTP stack without having to provide mocks for anything in the stack. Because it's hosted In Process, it's really fast and takes very little effort to use.

It will configure itself as a default proxy and let you hook any WebRequest based client by default, intercepting all outbound Http calls in scope.


Pre-requisites: The project is built in .net v4.0.

Via NuGet:

	PM> Install-Package JustFakeIt

Getting Started

Once you have the package installed into your test project, a standard wire-up will look like this.

public void FakeServer_ExpectGetReturnsString_ResponseMatchesExpectation()
    using (var fakeServer = new FakeServer(12354))
        fakeServer.Expect.Get("/123").Returns("Some String Data");

        var result = new WebClient().DownloadString(new Uri(""));

        result.Should().Be("Some String Data");

Ignore parameters by replacing the value with "{ignore}"

 var fakeurl = "/some-resource/{ignore}/some-resource?date={ignore}&type={ignore}";
 fakeServer.Expect.Get(fakeurl).Returns(HttpStatusCode.Accepted, expectedResult);

Set a response time accross all endpoints by setting the ResponseTime property

 fakeServer.Expect.ResponseTime = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5);

Set the response time for a specific endpoint with RespondsIn()

 fakeServer.Expect.Get(fakeurl).Returns(HttpStatusCode.Accepted, expectedResult).RespondsIn(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5));

Assert against captured requests

 fakeServer.CapturedRequests.Count(x => x.Method == Http.Delete && x.Url == "/some-url").Should().Be(1);

Return content from razor template file

var path = "template.razor"
fakeServer.Expect.Get(url).ReturnsFromTemplate(path, new { Id = 2343, UserId = 2343, UserEmail = "" })

Return content from file

var path = "response.txt"


If you find a bug, have a feature request or even want to contribute an enhancement or fix, please follow the contributing guidelines included in the repository.


Copyright © JUST EAT PLC 2014