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lastpost Build Status

Fetches the latest item from an RSS feed, and attempts to display it nicely.


  1. Download the latest package for your platform from the Releases page.
  2. Untar the package with tar -zxvf lastpost*.tar.gz.
  3. Move the extracted lastpost file to a directory in your $PATH (for most systems, this will be /usr/local/bin/).

Or, if you have a Go development environment:

go get


Get the workout of the day from your gym's blog

$ lastpost
WOD 4/29/16 (18 hours ago)

15 minutes to a heavy clean
For Time:
100 Cal Row, (pet rock)
75 C2B Pullups, Partner hangs from bar
50 Handstand Pushups, partner holds handstand
25 Ground To OH, 185/133
Sleep and hydration are essential for recovery

Any lastpost command could also be set as a shell alias (in ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile):

wod() { lastpost; }

Check the status of a web service

$ lastpost
Service is operating normally: [RESOLVED] Network Connectivity

Between 1:59 PM and 2:01 PM PDT, some EC2 instances experienced network connectivity issues between two Availability Zones in the US-EAST-1 Region. This issue has been resolved and the service is operating normally.
$ lastpost
[good] Everything operating normally. (5 days ago)

Everything operating normally.
$ lastpost
Resolved: Emergency EU platform maintenance scheduled on May 3 at 17:45 UTC

This maintenance is complete.

Display a weather report

$ lastpost
Overcast and 52 F at Philadelphia, Philadelphia International Airport, PA

Winds are East at 10.4 MPH (9 KT). The pressure is 1007.9 mb and the humidity is 83%.
The wind chill is 48. Last Updated on May 4 2016, 8:54 am EDT.


Fetches the latest item from an RSS feed, and attempts to display it nicely.



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