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1 parent 7c93a6a commit a1280e6f9c87de2e3afb374c814c67e57bf97b81 @justinfrench committed Apr 10, 2011
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* Added support for HTML5 min/max/step attributes on NumericInput
* Added support for HTML5 placeholder attributes on Stringish inputs (string, email, phone, url, search, number, password)
* Changed nested inputs() blocks to be automatically wrapped in an `<li>` tag to preserve HTML validity
+* Changed quick forms to skip polymorphic associations (they didn't work)
+* Changed short hand forms to raise an error when trying to render an input for a polymorphic association (it didn't work, need a collection)
+* Changed input() to raise an error when a :collection is not provided for a polymorphic association (we can't guess which class to use)
1.2.4.beta (unreleased)

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