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formtastic paperclip attribute detection generates wrong html #36

brainlag opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Html generated with autodetection:

<li id="model_field_input" class="string required">
     <label for=model_field">Field<abbr title="required">*</abbr></label>
     <input type="text" value="/field/original/missing.png" size="50" name="model[field]" id="model_field"/>

Html generated whenn forced to :file (:as => :file)

  • Field*

  • @justinfrench

    What's the actual name of the file upload field? Can we see the code you're using to get this output?

    You're getting a "string" input rather than a "file" input because Formtastic doesn't think this field is a file upload field. There's some rudimentary checking in there (see @@file_methods config option and the code around line 1025), but without knowing the name of the attribute and some more stuff about your model, I can't write a decent (failing) test.


    I think i should mention that I use Ruby 1.9.1. Not sure if this makes a difference, but I tried to run the specs last night and 95% of all testcases were failing.


    Pasting in DM from brainlag so all info is one one place:

    I think Formtastic thinks it is a "file" because the input box it generates with some text filled in. See the value attribute of the input field.


    class Map < ActiveRecord::Base
    has_many :replays

    has_attached_file :image
    validates_attachment_presence :image
    validates_presence_of :name


    <% semantic_form_for :map, :html => {:multipart => true}, :url => maps_path do |form| %>
    <% form.inputs do -%>
    <%= form.input :name %>
    <%= form.input :image %>
    <% end -%>
    <% form.buttons do -%>

    <%= form.commit_button 'Create' %>
    <% end -%>
    <% end %>


    ok, i found what is wrong

    when you use semantic_form_for you should pass an instance variable and not a symbol
    because if you use a symbol the autodedection breaks

    so it is all my fault


    good know nothing serious was broken!

    This issue was closed.
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