Installed Dada Mail in to other than default location. Not all install options are taking. #518

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I have installed Dada Mail. I choose not to install using the default location but rather into a different folder of my choice. Not all the advanced choices are taking hold. The only ones I have notices so far is the show profiles and the hide administrator choices. I choose to show both the profiles (so users can log in and change their subscription them selves) and to NOT hide the administrator link. The opposite of what I choose was set up in the config file. So far everything else seems to work OK.

So, something is not working correctly with the installer when other than the default install location is chosen. I was able to manually, after install, change the configuration file and get what I needed. However, I should not have had to do that.

Earlier versions of Data Mail did not have this problem but I know that version 8.3.0 and 8.4.0 do. I did not notice the problem until some one wanted to change their email subscription email, and that option was turned off. I know it worked last year correctly. I update Dada mail every time a new version comes out. I have always installed Dada Mail in the exact same location.



You (Justin) asked me to open this as a new issue. I did in August but you have not commented on it since then. Are you working on it?

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