Django cross link searches particular sites for links back to your site and stores them
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Django Cross Link Documentation

Authors: Justin Quick <>
Version: 0.1
pip install django-xlink==0.1.1

Django Cross Link takes in particular URLs on an external site and periodically combs through those URLs searching for links back to your site. The cross site links are stored in the database for future use and display


XLink requires lxml for HTML parsing:

pip install lxml


Add xlink to your INSTALLED_APPS and run ./ syncdb

Add some queries in the admin so xlink knows which URLs to comb through and which domain (usually your own site's) you want to search for cross linking.

Next run the management command ./ xlink_search which will take the queries and populate them with results of cross site links.

I recomend putting the management command in a cronjob every hour or so to make the results appear in real time.


Spider pages starting at one URL looking for cross site links