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Welcome to Doorbell

minimum viable product

  • Use case:

one comes to SURF, needs in, texts “door” or “let me in” to The message is sent to subscribed numbers.

  • Use case:

one is running an event at SURF and want to get the door messages. text “add” to and receive door messages.

  • Use case:

one ran an event which is now done. text “remove” to to stop receiving door messages.

Appropriate feedback should be send in reply to above messages.


There are a number of additions that could be made: admin page, scheduled additions and removals for recurring meetings, email in addition to txt, .… add an email component.

be able to process an incoming message and send doormen requests. (ie. "reply with door  )

# * User # Create a user # txt creating of user

  • Event

Name - seattleonrails Date - 4/29 Start time - 5p End time - 11p Frequency (weekly, …) - weekly list of reserves

events/'event[name]'/start events/'event[name]'/end

  • Admin pages

  • make it attractive

### PERHAPS # More robust door Door DOOR # add & remove safely

allow 'door seattleonrails'

Add 'Ping' => 'ping is anyone there yet?' – allows for anonymous reply Add 'Register' => 'register shopobot' – becomes an adverb for ping Add 'add to' and 'remove from'

Building Doorbell

rails generate scaffold Doorman phone:string rails generate scaffold Event name:string start:datetime duration:int frequency:string reserves:array heroku config:add twilio_account_sid='your account sid' twilio_auth_token='your auth token' rails g bootstrap:themed doormen -f rails g bootstrap:themed events -f

bundle exec rake db:migrate

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