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Nette Addon Installer

This is a custom installer for Composer packaging system which helps installing Nette Addons.


This projects is in very early stage of development, there is not much info yet. Please contact me for further info.


If you want to use an existing Nette Addon, please refer to sandbox with integrated support.

Creating an Addon

Please read Composer's manual on custom installers for an introduction.

To create a new Nette Addon, simply create it as a Composer package. There are only 3 differences from normal Composer packages:

  1. Set type to nette-addon
  2. Add this installer as a requirement: nette/addon-installer
  3. Nette Addon related configuration goes into extra section, nette-addon subsection. Possible options are listed below.


Here are examples of Nette Addons: Visual Paginator and Kdyby CURL.




Here is a list of experimental addons which are ready for this installer.


This projects is in early development phase, many changes and compatibility breaks will occur. Please see change log for details.