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Pstore is a high-performance, read-optimized database system. The core is implemented as a shared library libpstore that can be embedded in third-party applications.

There's also a CLI application pstore that is used to manipulate and inspect pstore files, and convert CSV files into pstore format.

The design of pstore is loosely based on C-Store which is another Open Source read-optimized database. The main idea is to store tabular data in column-order to improve read performance for special purpose workloads.

Building pstore

Pstore's test suite requires Ruby 1.9 and Bundler. If your operating system does not have Ruby 1.9, take a look at rbenv or RVM.

When you have both Ruby 1.9 and Bundler, install Rubygem dependencies:

bundle install

Then run the tests:

make check

Trying it out

The first step is to create a database file. You can import a CSV file into a pstore database with the following command:

pstore import dataset.csv dataset.out

After that, you can use the pstore cat command to look into the imported database:

pstore cat dataset.out

With pstore import --append you can append more data into a pstore database:

pstore import --append moredata.csv dataset.out
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