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JVM Bloggers

Never miss any blog post from developers around JVM in Poland :)

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The goal of the jvm-bloggers project is to collect information about developers and companies blogging about JVM-related technologies in Poland, despite these bloggers being old-school Java fanboys, fancy Scala lovers or niche Gosu experts.

On Fridays 12am, this application is sending a newsletter with all new blog posts from the past 7 days.

If you want to have your group or personal e-mail added, please reach out to me (address below).

I'm promoting blogging as the best activity to share knowledge, passion and learn from each other. And the best way to do that is by helping bloggers to reach out to a wider audience.

Your blog/JUG/conference is missing?

Please create a Pull Request adding it to

and that's all. Once it is merged, you are in the list!



  • Send weekly e-mail about latest blog posts to JUG mailing lists
  • Add technical blogs from Polish companies
  • Add moderation to discard off-topic content
  • Write some admin panel to manage moderation. etc.
  • Publish global RSS feed with all blog posts. You can limit and exclude authors using parameters. example: http://jvm-bloggers.com/pl/rss?limit=15&excludedAuthors=author1,author2
  • Add videos from JUGs and conferences in Poland
  • Create website with all newsletter (latest and old ones)


  • Fetch data about number of comments in articles
  • Analyze tweets from developers and highlight those with most RTs, stars and the most active conversations
  • Maybe export the idea to another country? :)
  • Publishing a new issue information on Facebook
  • Publishing on Twitter
  • .... this is a place for YOUR idea :)

Technical details

  • Application is written using Java 8, Spring Boot, Liquibase, Akka and JPA, running on PostgreSQL database. It's currently running on a server hosted by the one and only SoftwareMill.

  • To import the project into your IDE execute ./gradlew eclipse or ./gradlew idea first (depending on your IDE) to generate project files and import them into IDE.

  • Admin UI is based on http://startbootstrap.com/template-overviews/sb-admin-2/.

More details about contributing and how project is organized please check

Development and contribution guidelines Wiki



If you need a direct contact, you can reach out to the JVM Bloggers project via:

  • GMail: jvmbloggers (at) (you know that).(and you know that too) :)
  • Slack Status