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[Post] Google APIs Client Library for Objective-C

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+layout: post
+title: New Google APIs Client Library for Objective-C
+tags: [ios objective-c gdata]
+categories: blog
+A while back, I wrote a [small tutorial on how to use Google's GData Client library for iPhone]( It's a pretty popular tutorial that constantly gets questions. Today, [Google announced a new version of the Google Data library for Objective-C]( I'm pretty exicted about this for a couple of reasons. The [new Client library]( utilizes JSON, which I'm a big fan of and it also the new [OAuth2 for authentication](
+It looks just amazing.
+#import "GTLBooks.h"
+GTLServiceBooks *service = [[GTLServiceBooks alloc] init];
+GTLQueryBooks *query =
+ [GTLQueryBooks queryForVolumesListWithQ:@"Mark Twain"];
+query.filter = kGTLBooksFilterFreeEbooks;
+[service executeQuery:query
+ completionHandler:^(GTLServiceTicket *ticket,
+ id object, NSError *error) {
+ // callback
+ if (error == nil) {
+ GTLBooksVolumes *results = object;
+ for (GTLBooksVolume *volume in results) {
+ NSLog(@"%@", volume.volumeInfo.title);
+ }
+ }
+ }];
+And it also follows the [Google Objective-C Style Guide]( which I'm also a fan of.
+Check out the new version of the [Client library]( at the Google Project page.
+I'm going to try and get a new updated tutorial in a couple of days.

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