Page Walkthrough is a flexible system for designing interactive, multimedia, educational walkthroughs.
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jQuery Page Walkthrough

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Page Walkthrough is a flexible system for designing interactive, multimedia, educational walkthroughs.

Note: currently under heavy active development, and is likely to change alot at this moment in time. Check out where we're at by going to the issues page.


Modal-style tour step

Modal-style step

Tooltip-style tour step with highlighted content

Tooltip-style step

Demo site

The demo site is located here.


  1. Download the release you want from the releases page, or download the latest code(may not be stable).
  2. Extract the files from the dist/ folder into your project
  3. Include the stylesheets and JS (note: include jQuery first):
<!-- CSS -->
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/extracted/files/css/jquery.pagewalkthrough.css" />

<!-- jQuery -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/jquery/jquery-<jquery_version>.js"></script>
<!-- Page walkthrough plugin -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/extracted/files/jquery.pagewalkthrough.js"></script>

Note: there are minified versions of the JS and CSS files available for production, with the suffixes .min.js and .min.css respectively.



jQuery Page Walkthrough Default Options

Note: as of version 1.4, you must specify a tour name in the options.

Note: as of version 2.1, the popup.content option for each step can now be the literal content for the step, or a selector as before. The rule for how the plugin decides which to treat it as is simple: if the string is a valid selector, and the selector matches an element that is already present in the DOM, the matched element's content is displayed; if it is an invalid selector, or a selector which returns no matches, the literal value is displayed.

/* #### <a name="default-options">Options</a>
 * Default options for each walkthrough.
 * User options extend these defaults.
$.fn.pagewalkthrough.defaults = {
  /* Array of steps to show
  steps: [
      // jQuery selector for the element to highlight for this step
      wrapper: '',
      // ##### <a name="popup-options">Popup options</a>
      popup: {
        // Selector for the element which contains the content, or the literal
        // content
        content: '',
        // Popup type - either modal, tooltip or nohighlight.
        // See [Popup Types](/pages/popup-types.html)
        type: 'modal',
        // Position for tooltip and nohighlight style popups - either top,
        // left, right or bottom
        position: 'top',
        // Horizontal offset for the walkthrough
        offsetHorizontal: 0,
        // Vertical offset for the walkthrough
        offsetVertical: 0,
        // Horizontal offset for the arrow
        offsetArrowHorizontal: 0,
        // Vertical offset for the arrow
        offsetArrowVertical: 0,
        // Default width for each popup
        width: '320',
        // Amount in degrees to rotate the content by
        contentRotation: 0,
        // If set to 'skip', skips tooltip/nohighlight types when the wrapper
        // does not exist. If set to anything else, uses the value as a fallback
        // popup type (e.g. 'modal' will fallback to a popup type of 'modal').
        fallback: 'skip'
      // Automatically scroll to the content for the step
      autoScroll: true,
      // Speed to use when scrolling to elements
      scrollSpeed: 1000,
      // Callback when entering the step
      onEnter: $.noop,
      /* Callback when leaving the step.  Called with `true` if the user is
       * skipping the rest of the tour (gh #66)
      onLeave: $.noop
  // **(Required)** Walkthrough name.  Should be a unique name to identify the
  // walkthrough, as it will
  // be used in the cookie name
  name: null,
  // Automatically show the walkthrough when the page is loaded.  If multiple
  // walkthroughs set this to true, only the first walkthrough is shown
  // automatically
  onLoad: true,
  // Callback to be executed before the walkthrough is shown
  onBeforeShow: $.noop,
  // Callback executed after the walkthrough is shown
  onAfterShow: $.noop,
  // Callback executed in the event that 'restart' is triggered
  onRestart: $.noop,
  // Callback executed when the walkthrough is closed.  The walkthrough can be
  // closed by the user clicking the close button in the top right, or
  // clicking the finish button on the last step
  onClose: $.noop,
  // Callback executed when cookie has been set after a walkthrough has been
  // closed
  onCookieLoad: $.noop,
  /* ##### <a name="controls-options">Walkthrough controls</a>
   * Hash of buttons to show.  Object keys are used as the button element's ID
  buttons: {
    // ID of the button
    jpwClose: {
      // Translation string for the button
      i18n: 'Click here to close',
      // Whether or not to show the button.  Can be a boolean value, or a
      // function which returns a boolean value
      show: true
    jpwNext: {
      i18n: 'Next &rarr;',
      // Function which resolves to a boolean
      show: function() {
        return !isLastStep();
    jpwPrevious: {
      i18n: '&larr; Previous',
      show: function() {
        return !isFirstStep();
    jpwFinish: {
      i18n: 'Finish &#10004;',
      show: function() {
        return isLastStep();

Public Methods

In general, calling methods on an element collection is preferred as it removes any ambiguity about the walkthrough the method is affecting.

Calling methods with $.pagewalkthrough(method, args...) is supported, and will operate on the currently active walkthrough if there is one. If no walkthroughs are active, calling methods in this way will return boolean false.


Creates a new walkthrough for a given element collection. Creating walkthroughs by calling $.pagewalkthrough is no longer supported.


Note: The walkthrough is defined on the first element in a collection - if this element is removed before the walkthrough is shown, the walkthrough will not display.


Starts a predefined walkthrough.

// Show a walkthrough defined on a collection
// Show a walkthrough defined by a name
$.pagewalkthrough('show', 'test');


Moves to the next step in a walkthrough, if there is one.

// Move to the next step on a collection
// Move to the next step of the active walkthrough


Moves to the previous step in a walkthrough, if there is one.

// Move to the previous step on a collection
// Move to the previous step of the active walkthrough


Moves to the first step in a walkthrough.

// Move to the first step on a collection
// Move to the first step of the active walkthrough


Closes the walkthrough.

// Close a walkthrough on a collection
// Close the active walkthrough


If called on the global jQuery object, the optional name argument restricts the check to a specific walkthrough.

// Returns whether *any* walkthrough is active
// Returns whether a specific walkthrough is active
$.pagewalkthrough('isActive', 'test');

If called on an element collection, the name argument is ignored.

// Returns whether the walkthrough defined on the collection is active


If called on the global jQuery object, the optional name argument restricts the check to a specific walkthrough.

// Returns the current index for the active walkthrough, or false
// if no walkthrough is active
// Returns the current index for a specific walkthrough, or false
// if the walkthrough is not active
$.pagewalkthrough('isActive', 'test');

If called on an element collection, the name argument is ignored.

// Returns the current index, or false if the walkthrough is not active


Returns the options for all wakthroughs, unless the activeWalkthrough is true, in which case it returns the options for the currently active walkthrough. If no walkthrough is active, it returns false.

// Returns options for all defined walkthroughs
// Returns options for the currently active walkthroughs
$.pagewalkthrough('getOptions', true);

If called on an element collection, the activeWalkthrough argument is ignored and it returns the options for the specific walkthrough.

// Returns options for this specific walkthrough


Re-renders the current step, in order to handle re-positioning the overlays on window resize or other events.



The build script in bin/build can be used to update the distribution files found in dist/. The build script has two dependencies (see below section). Once these two dependencies are met, just run ./bin/build from the top-level directory of the repository to update everything in dist/.

Build script dependencies

For the build script to run, you will need the programs less (for compiling the LESS into CSS, and for creating the minified CSS - you'd need this anyway if you had modified the LESS during development), uglifyjs (for creating the minified JS), and jshint (for linting the source JS). The easiest way to install these dependencies is through node and npm:

npm install -g less
npm install -g uglify-js
npm install -g jshint

Code style

The adopted code style is that of airbnb's JavaScript style guide. The included .jshintrc file is taken directly from there, with the addition of ECMAScript 3 support (for maintaining IE9 compatibility). Note that the build step will fail if jshint finds any errors. You can run the linter without building by running jshint src/.

Also note that the CSS pre-processor lesscss is used in this project - don't modify the CSS files directly, as your changes will be overwritten when the LESS is compiled. Instead, you should modify the LESS and compile it (see the section on 'Building' above).

Browser Support


  • IE8+
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome (Note: Chrome does not support cookies from locally run files. If you want to test or develop against this aspect of the project, you should host the project on a local server)


@TODO - untested as of yet


@TODO - not yet implemented



  • v2.7.2: #71 wasn't fixed properly - multiple resize events were causing the animation queue (and thus the callbacks) to build up - fixed by clearing queue before animating the scrolling
  • v2.7.1: Fix bug with resize functionality - walkthrough would show when window resized even if it wasn't showing beforehand - #71; remove unsupported lockScrolling option from list of options - #70


  • v2.7.0: Modal steps don't scroll page to top anymorei - #62; current step re-renders on resize - #68; true is passed to onLeave when walkthrough is skipped - #66


  • v2.6.9: Allow next, previous and finish buttons to re-positioned using CSS, by changing which element they get appended to - #67


  • v2.6.8: Add new refresh method, which re-renders the current step. Intended for onresize and similar events.
  • v2.6.7: Clean up for code style, no API changes.
  • v2.6.6: Added optional fallback for popup/nohighlight steps when the wrapper element cannot be found
  • v2.6.5: The close method now calls onLeave for the current step. Return values of false are ignored
  • v2.6.4: If onEnter or onLeave returns false for a step, move to the next/previous step as appropriate


  • v2.6.3: Bug fix for v2.6.2 which broke onBeforeShow functionality


  • v2.6.2: Fix issue where plugin attempts to scroll before onBeforeShow


  • v2.6.1: Fix issue where plugin wasn't scrolling to the target element properly


  • v2.6.0: Add support for arrow offsets
  • v2.5.6: Fix issue where plugin would attempt to scroll past the maximum scroll value of the container
  • v2.5.5: Fix issue where modal steps would be mis-aligned when walkthrough re-opened
  • v2.5.4: Fix issue where plugin would try to scroll when it shouldn't because of the scrollTo value being a decimal
  • v2.5.3: Fix issue where highlight overlay could overflow the containing element


  • v2.5.2: Update to test dependencies, fix centering of modal content
  • v2.5.1: Fix position of tooltips, which broke in 2a5003f following a minor refactor
  • v2.5.0: Remove draggable tooltip 'feature'
  • v2.4.0: Remove defunct accessible and overlay options from step options
  • v2.3.8: Fix clicks on tooltip content propagating through the DOM
  • v2.3.7: Re-work of fix for issue #35, to make sure stuff behind the overlay cannot be clicked the second time a walkthrough is shown
  • v2.3.6: Fix onEnter callback not firing if used with first step of a tour
  • v2.3.5: Re-work fix for issue #36, original attempt at fixing in v2.3.3


  • v2.3.4: Fix issue with auto-scrolling to a new target element when the element to scroll is already partly scrolled
  • v2.3.3: Fix to prevent clicks on the overlay propagating, thus fixing issue where highlighted Bootstrap dropdowns and such would close
  • v2.3.2: Fix overlays for popuip/tooltip content to prevent clicking things behind the walkthrough
  • v2.3.1: Minor adjustment for more readable font-sizes
  • v2.3.0: Fix the auto-scrolling behaviour so that it can scroll elements other than body,html
  • v2.2.1: Moved the onClose callback to before the index reset, so close callbacks can access the last step index.


  • v2.2.0: Remove support for noHighlight step types, add box-shadow based overlays
  • v2.1.3: Make sure wrapper option selector is scoped to the current walkthrough's element, instead of being a document-wide selector
  • v2.1.2: Fixes 2 bugs related to the onClose callback: 1) would not fire if walkthrough closed using close method, and 2) specifying an onClose callback would prevent the default close behaviour from triggering, resulting in the walkthrough not being hidden


  • v2.1.1: Fixes support for multiple walkthroughs, adds clearer method documentation and a basic test suite
  • v2.1.0: Support for literal content in each step's popup.content option, instead of just a selector
  • v2.0.0: Breaking changes to API - fix incorrect spelling of accessable to accessible; rename stayFocus to lockScrolling; remove deprecated methods
  • v1.4.0: name is now a required option and must be provided for all tours
  • v1.3.0: Deprecate isPageWalkthroughActive function in favour of isActive function


  • v1.2.4: Add an optional finish button to the last step of the tour


  • v1.2.3: Hotfix for each step's options not correctly extending default options
  • v1.2.2: Hotfix to make the plugin actually work
  • v1.2.1: Bug fix
  • v1.2.0: Remove demo/example related files from master branch; source files into src/; distribution files into dist/


  • v1.1.4: Add option to make close button optional
  • v1.1.3: Support for showing next and previous buttons to move between tour stops
  • v1.1.2: i18n support for close button text



  • Erwin Yusrizal