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mShogi is a cross platform multi-variant shogi program I wrote in C++ using 
Boost and wxWidgets sporatically over a period from 2003 to 2005. It uses the
premake lua based build tool for generating Makefiles for each target environment.

The program comes in both a console version and in a GUI version. Both versions 
depend upon a shared engine library.

I've taken one of the later versions and tweaked it to compile with more recent
versions of wxWidgets. I've tested it on recent versions of Ubuntu Linux, Windows 8,
and Max OS X Mavericks.

   premake -
   boost -
   wxWidgets -

   premake4 [target compiler tool chain]
   Use resulting compilation files (run make for GNU Make, build with Visual Studio, etc.)
   * Restore functionality that allows changing between game engines
   * Update representations of game structures so that object creation
     is minimized during the search loops to improve search speed
   * Add capability for opening books
   * Implement Chess as a variant to properly judge performance against
     something that is known
   * Possibly replace dynamic_bitset bitboards with lower level static structures
     to increase performance
   * Better debugging information
   * Add tests 
   * Finish implementing the mostly vestigial menu items
   * Lots more...