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Visual Micro


What: LEDLightBoxAlnitak - PC controlled lightbox implmented using the Alnitak (Flip-Flat/Flat-Man) command set found here:

Who: Created By: Jared Wellman -

When: Last modified: 2013/May/05

Typical usage on the command prompt: Send : >S000\n //request state Recieve : *S19000\n //returned state

Send : >B128\n //set brightness 128 Recieve : *B19128\n //confirming brightness set to 128

Send : >J000\n //get brightness Recieve : *B19128\n //brightness value of 128 (assuming as set from above)

Send : >L000\n //turn light on (uses set brightness value) Recieve : *L19000\n //confirms light turned on

Send : >D000\n //turn light off (brightness value should not be changed) Recieve : *D19000\n //confirms light turned off.