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HumanSense Android Application
This project provides a framework for developing applications that make use of
the various types of data that can be collected from the sensors built into most
Android devices. Modules are developed in the form of plugins that either
produce or consume data packets.
The current system has been developed as a research prototype. It contains input
plugins that collect data from the GPS, Wifi, and GSM sensors, as well as the
temperature, compass, magnetometer, and accelerometer sensors. The included
output plugins can be used to classify accelerometer data, cluster and identify
locations based on visible Wifi Access Points, and store the data in binary-
formatted log files which can be uploaded to a web service.
This project is distributed under the MIT license, details of which are included
in the LICENSE file. It is meant to be a framework for research, although the
license permits its use in commercial applications provided that proper
attribution is present.
Jordan Frank
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