A command for Emacs to regress or "undo" a region back through its Git history
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When M-x git-undo is called on a region, it will first:

  1. Replace the region, if it has been modified but not saved, with the current working tree version.

  2. Replace the region, if it has been modified and saved, with the current HEAD version.

  3. Successively walk back through all the versions of that region found in the Git history.

Note that if this command is run twice, it begins the walkthrough over again, since there's no easy way of knowing at which point in history you were before you repeated the command. Perhaps this could be added by searching through the Git history for matching contents.

Example use

Mark a region in a Git-controlled buffer and execute M-x git-undo. Then use C-x z to step through changes to that region in Git's history.