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Zeebe with Operate Docker Compose configuration
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Zeebe + Operate in Docker

Zeebe is a workflow engine for micro-services orchestration engine.

Operate is an operations tool for monitoring and troubleshooting live workflow instances in Zeebe.

For more information on using Zeebe and Operate, consult the Quickstart Guide in the Zeebe docs.

The docker-compose.yml file in this repository can be used to start a Zeebe 0.17 broker with Operate 1.0.0-RC3, along with the Elasticsearch and Kibana containers that it needs.

The containers expose the following services:

  • Zeebe broker - port 26500
  • Operate - web interface http://localhost:8080 (login: demo/demo)
  • ElasticSearch - port 9200
  • Kibana - port 5601


Start the Containers in the Foreground

Running the containers in the foreground will tail the output from each of the containers in your console, allowing you to inspect it.

Run the following command in this directory:

docker-compose up

Stop Containers Running in the Foreground

Closing the terminal (including terminating an ssh connection) or hitting Ctrl-C will stop the containers.

To remove the stopped containers, run the following the command in this directory:

docker-compose down

Run the Containers in the Background (Daemon mode)

To start the containers in the background, use the -d flag:

docker-compose up -d

Stop Containers Running in the Background

Run the following command in this directory:

docker-compose down

This will stop the containers and remove them.

Running with Simple Monitor

One thing that Operate doesn't have is inspection of messages. This can be useful when developing and debugging.

The with-simple-monitor folder contains a docker-compose file that will start Operate and Simple Monitor. Simple Monitor will be running on http://localhost:8082.

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