List of data journalism courses and programmes from universities and higher education institutions around the world
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Data Journalism University Courses and Programmes

Project for collecting details on courses and programmes dedicated to teaching data journalism from around the world – with an initial focus on universities and higher educational institutions. This is very much a work in progress. If you'd like to help out, you can add or look at the issues.

Alluvial Diagram on Data Journalism Courses and Programmes

Suggesting additions

To suggest a data journalism course or programme, please use the following format:

  • Name - The full name of the course or programme
  • Institution – The name of the university where the course is taught
  • Country – The two letter country code (as per ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)
  • Level – The level of the course - either "Undergraduate" or "Postgraduate"
  • Type – The type of course – either "Module", "Programme" or "Certificate"
  • URL – The full URL where further details about the course can be found (ideally with details of the course or programme rather than for the overarching degree or institution)

You can suggest changes either by opening an issue, submitting a pull request, sending me an email or contacting me on Twitter at @jwyg.

NOTE: This project is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 license. By contributing to this project you agree that your additions will be made available under the terms of this license.

Other relevant initiatives

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