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http2 implementation in Go
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frame check PRIORITY frame size Jul 18, 2015
keys fix npn client Jan 9, 2014
main update messages Jul 16, 2015
sample up Nov 23, 2014 update readme Jul 9, 2015
body.go move Body to body.go Feb 28, 2014
response_writer.go fixup headers format Oct 16, 2014
server.go remove debug log Jul 16, 2015
setting.go update alpn version to "h2" Jul 10, 2015
state.go stream state change error handle Jul 15, 2015
stream.go fix Bucket to have http.Header and Body Jul 14, 2015
transport.go fix Bucket to have http.Header and Body Jul 14, 2015
url.go move url.Update() to UpdateRequest() Feb 3, 2014
url_test.go add http2.URL Oct 3, 2013
util.go remove unused utils Oct 16, 2014
window.go update Window.go Jul 16, 2015


HTTP2 implementation in Golang (under heavy development)






The MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2013 Jxck

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