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Type System

Typographic scale with pixel-perfect alignment

Type System is a general-purpose design system and stylesheet for beautiful, readable typesetting on the web. Following tried-and-true typographic principles and inspired by Robert Bringhurst, Type Systems offers smart defaults for consistently balanced hierarchy and effortless visual rhythm.

Type Scale

  1. 72px
  2. 48px
  3. 36px
  4. 24px
  5. 18px
  6. 12px


Using 32em as the max-width ensures line lengths never exceed roughly 66 characters, staying within the widely-regarded range of 45 – 75 characters.

Space Scale

Margins are derived from the core type scale and always align to an 8px baseline grid.

  1. 8px
  2. 16px
  3. 32px
  4. 64px
  5. 128px
  6. 256px

MIT License