Simple Git repogitory browser plugin for CakePHP
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Fatty: Simple Git repogitory browser plugin for CakePHP.

Git eat Cake!!

This plugin provide local self git repogitory browser.


  • `Commit History’ like GitHub ( git log ).
  • `Commit’ detail like GitHub ( git show ).
  • `Diff’ between hashes ( git diff ).
  • File blame like GitHub ( git blame ).
  • Display repogitory file tree ( git ls-tree ).
  • Display current branch name.


First, put `fatty’ directory on app/plugins in your CakePHP application.
Second, add the following code in bootstrap.php.

    Configure::write('Fatty.git_path', '/usr/local/bin/git'); // git path
    Configure::write('Fatty.git_dir', ROOT . DS . '.git' . DS); // local .git directory path


    define('FATTY_GIT_PATH', '/usr/local/bin/git'); // git path
    define('FATTY_GIT_DIR', ROOT . DS . '.git' . DS); // local .git directory path

Then, goto http://yourapp/fatty/ .

Drag and drop diff

Double click file tree

Double click anywhere, display repogitory file tree.

Display current branch name

Add the following code in whichever controller you want to display current branch name like DebugKit toolbar (typically AppController).

class AppController extends Controller {
    var $components = array('Fatty.Git');


  • Support CakePHP 1.3
  • Support auto paging
  • Support git diff any hash
  • Support git blame
  • Support file commit log ( git log file )
  • File tree (git ls-tree)
  • Fix multi_parents bug