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Professional assets in data science careers

As data scientists, we bring much more to our jobs than technical skills. Join this discussion-based workshop to inventory your own professional strengths, identify areas for improvement, and learn to advocate for your own professional development.

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In a field like data science, it's easy to focus on technical skills: lines of code, programming languages, algorithms, and data types. While it's important to have proficiency at tasks related to these skills, it's often other attributes that enable job satisfaction and advancement. This workshop focuses on identifying and developing these non-technical skills, such as communication, adaptability, and project management. These skills may represent previous educational and career achievements you can easily identify, like training in a specific scientific domain or experience as a manager. Other skills may be hidden and not as straightforward to articulate, such as planning and organizational capacity. We'll use break-out groups and facilitated discussion to assess the skills you possess and those you'd like to develop, and help you connect them to your specific career goals. You'll leave this workshop able to articulate the assets you already possess that complement your technical skills, as well as a plan to help you develop other non-technical skills that can aid in your career progression.


  • Introduction to the workshop
    • Motivation and objectives
    • Orientation to workshop materials and expectations
  • Inventory of existing strengths
  • Target areas for improvement
  • Identify ways to improve
  • Summary
    • Synthesizing content
    • Workshop assessment


Information about teaching/leading this workshop is available in faciltiation/:

  • Guidance for leading this workshop is available here
  • If using Socrative answer submission system: go to this website and enter Room Name PAW5AYWM. Questions are viewable here

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