🌵 A true version control tool for designers
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A proper version control tool for designers

CircleCI Sketch.app license 90+% TypeScript

Kactus is a tool to bring proper version control (as in git) to designers (only sketch users for now, but we need to start somewhere, right?).

This new tool is on the next level:

  • it brings the entire git flow to sketch: branches, pull requests, team collaboration (you can work on the same file and automatically merge the changes), etc
  • you can share pages across multiple sketch files
  • you can publish pages on the internet and import them in another project (soon)!

Kactus screenshot - macOS

🌵 Where can I get it?

Download the installer for your operating system:

🌵 I have a problem with Kactus

First, please search the open issues and closed issues to see if your issue hasn't already been reported (it may also be fixed).

There is also a list of known issues that are being tracked against Kactus, and some of these issues have workarounds.

If you can't find an issue that matches what you're seeing, open a new issue choose the right template and provide us with enough information to investigate further.

🌵 How can I contribute to Kactus?

The CONTRIBUTING.md document will help you get setup and familiar with the source. The documentation folder also contains more resources relevant to the project.

If you're looking for something to work on, check out the help wanted label.

🌵 More Resources

See kactus.io for more product-oriented information about Kactus.

🌵 License