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Wrapper for UWaterloo's API.
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UWaterlooAPIDotNet provides an up-to-date, fully asynchronous and multi-platform wrapper for the University of Waterloo's API. The library has been built upon .NET Standard 1.3 to allow use of the wrapper on almost any platform. You can find a compatibilty chart below.

UWaterlooAPIDotNet uses NodaTime to ensure that dates and times can be compared accurately, due to .NET's native DateTime object being unable to store specific time zone information. This allows for dates and times to be converted and usable anywhere, instead of just functioning correctly in Ontario.

The library has been built to provide synchronous and asynchronous methods for every endpoint available, using the async / await pattern provided in recent versions of the .NET Framework, but will also be compatible in situations where one might find that they may not need asynchronous calls, or it is not] fully / properly supported.

UWaterlooAPIDotNet follows Semantic Versioning 2.0.0.


Platform Versions
.NET Standard 1.3+
.NET Core 1.0+
.NET Framework 4.6+
Xamarin (Android/iOS) 4.1.2+ (VS Plugin) / 6.0.2+ (Studio)
Mono (Linux/OSX) 4.6.0+
Universal Windows Platform 10.0+



To make use of UWaterlooAPIDotNet, you can install it in a number of ways.

  1. Clone this repository and compile yourself. This is for those who are interested in bleeding-edge features, however this is not recommended for production use.
  2. Download the available .nupkg files from the Releases tab of this repository. This is recommended for those who require debug symbols and packages for testing purposes. For those interested only in release builds:
  3. Install the latest version through NuGet, via Install-Package UWaterlooAPIDotNet.


Refer to for more information.


This project is licensed using the MIT license agreement. View for more information.

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