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My Portfolio

Other people's starter code and how-tos (THANK YOU)

Developed With


The following software is required to be installed on your system:

  • Node 8.x
  • Npm 3.x


Follow the following steps to get development environment running.

  • Clone 'react-starter' repository from GitHub

    git clone


    git clone
  • Install node modules

    cd react-starter
    npm install


Build Application

dev prod
npm run build:dev npm run build:prod

Build Application And Watch For Changes

dev prod
npm run build:dev:watch npm run build:prod:watch

Build Application With BundleAnalayzer Plugin Included

dev prod
npm run build:dev:bundleanalyze npm run build:prod:bundleanalyze

After running the above command, a browser window will open displaying an interactive graph resembling the following image:


Run ESlint

Lint Project Using ESLint

npm run lint

Lint Project Using ESLint, and autofix

npm run lint:fix


Run Start

This will run the 'serve:dev' npm task

npm start

Run Dev Server

npm run serve:dev

Run Dev Server With Dashboard

npm run serve:dev:dashboard

The above command will display a dashboard view in your console resembling the following image:


Run Prod Server

This command will build application using production settings and start the application using live-server

npm run serve:prod

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