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An Emacs LeetCode client.
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LeetCode brings you offer, and now Emacs brings you LeetCode!


Emacs Library

  • dash.el
  • request.el
  • request-deferred.el
  • graphql.el
  • spinner.el

External software

  • cURL


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Move it to your load-path
  3. Require it in your emacs config

If you use spacemacs, there is a leetcode-emacs-layer. Thanks for Anmol Jagetia!


You can choose to set your LeetCode account and password like this:

(setq leetcode-account "your-account")
(setq leetcode-password "your-password")

Put password as plain text into your emacs config may not be a good idea, you can either read your password from somewhere else, or you can ignore this setting completely, a prompt will be given everytime you enter M-x leetcode.

You can also set your preferred LeetCode programming language and SQL by setting leetcode-prefer-language and leetcode-prefer-sql:

(setq leetcode-prefer-language "python3")
(setq leetcode-prefer-sql "mysql")

All supported languages can be found in leetcode--prefer-language-suffixes variable.


  1. Execute leetcode command


In leetcode problems list buffer:

keymap command
n cursor move down
p cursor move up
RET show current problem description
  1. Press <RET>, show problem description, move cursor to 'solve it', press <RET> again, start coding!

  2. After finishing your code, you can edit testcase and execute leetcode-try or execute leetcode-submit.



If you are unable to start Leetcode, set these variables and try again to see a full stacktrace:

(setq request-message-level 'debug)
(setq request-log-level 'debug)


If you are using Windows, it is possible that curl executable comes from Windows\System32\curl.exe (you can check it by running where curl in the command line), which can give the following error:

curl: option --compressed: the installed libcurl version doesn't support this

To solve this error, it is suggested to use curl provided by Git. Add <path to Git>\mingw64\bin to the Path.


This package use Cask to develop, build and test.

It is a suggestion for you to use Cask, but if you don't want to bother to use it, it's totally fine too.

Cask is a build tools for emacs lisp, you can think it of npm for emacs lisp.

Enter project root, execute cask install, this command will install all dependencies. After that, execute cask emacs which will start a emacs with extra load-path to load dependencies.

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