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Open Hackathon Platform
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Open Hackathon Platform


Open Hackathon Platform

The Open Hackathon Platform is a cloud-based platform to enable Hackathon organizers to host an offline/online hackathon with most needed features; Hackathon event participants can use a HTML5 capable web browser to login an Hackathon event, provision his development environment of choice and collaborate with teammates.

The Open Hackathon can be deployed as a standalone web application, and can leverage Docker based technology to efficiently manage the cloud resources.


Pull request is welcome and appreciated.

Questions go to dev team


  • For user who wants to browse and attend hackathon events, please see User Guide
  • For those who wants to create a new hackathon event or manage existing ones, please follow Organizer Guide
  • For those who wants to contribute to Open Hackathon, please read Developer Guide
  • Read manual for more.


The project is now maintained by Kaiyuanshe.


This project is licensed under MIT License

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