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Implementation of the Google Cast protocol (.NET Standard 2.0 library)
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Implementation of the Google Cast protocol (.NET Standard 2.0 library).

This documentation was really helpful to understand the protocol.

These two others C# projects were also helpful to implement the protocol : SharpCast and SharpCaster.


// Use the DeviceLocator to find a Chromecast
var receiver = (await new DeviceLocator().FindReceiversAsync()).First();

var sender = new Sender();
// Connect to the Chromecast
await sender.ConnectAsync(receiver);
// Launch the default media receiver application
var mediaChannel = sender.GetChannel<IMediaChannel>();
await sender.LaunchAsync(mediaChannel);
// Load and play Big Buck Bunny video
var mediaStatus = await mediaChannel.LoadAsync(
    new MediaInformation() { ContentId = "" });



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