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Vim syntax highlighting for TaskJuggler files.

This is mostly a repackaging of the Vim scripts that come with TaskJuggler.


The recommended approach is to use Vundle, Pathogen, or another modern script maintenance tool. If you're using Vundle, simply add to your list of plugins in .vimrc:

Plugin 'kalafut/vim-taskjuggler'

Restart Vim or reload .vimrc, then run :PluginInstall


The TaskJuggler package comes with decent syntax highlighting support for Vim, as described in the manual. The Vim scripts are generated by the Ruby source, which is a clean way to have the highlighting track the latest syntax, but cumbersome in other ways:

  • No support for simple installation and upgrade using plugin installers like Vundle.
  • Modifications and user contributions are difficult since they involve changes to the main TaskJuggler repo (and a Ruby generator file to boot).

The goal of this project is to provide a separate repository for the TaskJuggler Vim plugin in order to simplify installation and improvements. The contents are currently just the TaskJuggler 3.5.0 Vim support slightly rearranged, along with a couple of minor changes:

  • Files will be opened with all folds open, which is the opposite of the main distribution. If you prefer the original way (all folds closed at the start of edit), add the following to your .vimrc:

    let g:tjp_folds_closed=1

  • I prefer not remapping Ctrl-] from the standard Vim tag jump and have removed this mapping. If you like the old mapping, add it to your .vimrc:

    map <C-]> :call ShowFullID()<CR>

Maintenance and Contributions

My goal is to have this repository track any changes that occur in the main TaskJuggler release. If need be (i.e. there is demand), I might branch by version if there is a signification syntax change between TaskJuggler versions.

Though I'm tracking the main TaskJuggler releases, this project is not limited by them. Additional features can most definitely be added to these scripts, and I welcome pull requests.


This repo is 99% not of my creation. All credit goes to Chris Schlaeger and the TaskJuggler Project for putting out an excellent product for many years, including the core of this Vim script.