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Configurable assets builder

A collection of configurable gulp tasks we use to build front-end code, mostly for fully static or CMS-based website projects, using gulp-task-maker.

Requires Node.js 6.5 or later.

Task list

  • less: compile Less stylesheets
  • mincss: concatenate and minify CSS
  • minjs: concatenate and minify JS code
  • sass: compile Sass stylesheets
  • svgsymbols: build SVG symbol sprites


  1. Download a ZIP of this repo and unzip it in your projet directory.
  2. Change the main config in gulpfile.js as needed.
  3. Finally, in a command prompt, go to your project dir and run: npm install.


  • npm run build: build assets once
  • npm run watch: run in the background and build assets when source files are changed

You should see something like this:

$ npm run build

> assets-builder@5.0.0 build ~/my-project
> gulp build

[13:38:12] Using gulpfile ~/my-project/gulpfile.js
[13:38:12] Starting 'build'...
[13:38:12] Starting 'build_sass'...
[13:38:12] Starting 'build_minjs'...
[13:38:12] Starting 'build_svgsymbols'...
[13:38:13] ./dist/ main.js 30 B
[13:38:13] ./dist/ main.css 21 B
[13:38:13] ./dist/ icons.svg 418 B
[13:38:13] ./dist/ icons.svg.html 19.5 kB
[13:38:13] Finished 'build_sass' after 168 ms
[13:38:13] Finished 'build_minjs' after 168 ms
[13:38:13] Finished 'build_svgsymbols' after 169 ms
[13:38:13] Finished 'build' after 171 ms