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Get your laser cutter under control
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Laser cutter driver and control panel

Ctrl-Cut is an initiative to produce Open Source toolchain for talking to laser cutters without being restricted to proprietary drivers and the chosen operating system of the laser cutter vendor.

Initially, this is targetted Epilog laser cutters.

Laser cutters from Epilog are fantastic devices. Unfortunately, Epilog forces us to use their Microsoft Windows-only laser cutter drivers. In addition, they only support Corel Draw as an application from which you can run jobs (other tools might work but are not supported).

There are also multiple other shortcomings of the Epilog drivers, which we will elaborate on later.

To remedy this, we are writing our own drivers, which will run on both Linux and Mac OS X (and any other system supporting CUPS).

Currently, we only support Epilog Legend 36EXT, but we aim to support other backends as well.

Please get in touch if you want to help out by developing, testing, documenting or supplying information about other laser cutters.



GPL V2 (or later)


Amir Hassan:

Marius Kintel:

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