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Kaltura Reference Mobile app for Android
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Package contents

  • The Kaltura client library base (KalturaClientBase, KalturaObjectBase...)
  • Auto generated core APIs (KalturaClient...)
  • Required JAR files
  • Project files
  • Library test code and data files (KalturaClientTester/*)
  • Reference application (DemoApplication/*)
  • PlayerSDK submodule

Running the test code

  1. Import the projects into Eclipse - a. right click in the Package Explorer b. Import... c. Android->Existing Android Code Into Workspace
  2. Edit KalturaClientTester/src/com.kaltura.client.test/KalturaTestConfig and fill out your Kaltura account information
  3. Right click on KalturaClientTester/src/com.kaltura.client.test/KalturaTestSuite
  4. Run As->Android JUnit Test

Running the demo application

  1. Init PlayerSDK submodule to your local path
  2. Import the projects into Eclipse (KalturaClient, Kaltura and PlayerSDK)
  3. Edit com.kaltura.activity.Splash/src/com.kaltura.activity/
  4. Search for etEmail.setText and etPassword.setText
  5. Set the default user / password to the credentials of you Kaltura KMC account
  6. Hit the play button
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