Kaltura Embed Code generator library.
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Kaltura Embed Code Generator

This Javascript library can be used to generate Kaltura Embed Codes.

It was designed to easiliy create embed codes on-the-fly for your projects.

Quick Start

  1. Include KalturaEmbedCodeGenerator.js to your page.

    <script src="/{path_to_script}/KalturaEmbedCodeGenerator.js"></script>
  2. Create a new instance of the generator, pass in configuration object and call getCode method.

    <textarea id="code"></textarea>
    var gen = new kEmbedCodeGenerator({
    	partnerId: 0000,
    	uiConfId: 999,
    	entryId: '0_xsd34g3'
    document.getElementById('code').innerHTML = gen.getCode();


Option Description Default
embedType string Embed code type to generate. Can we one of: 'auto', 'dynamic', 'thumb', 'iframe', 'legacy' "auto"
playerId string The player element Id to generate "kaltura_player"
protocol string Embed HTTP protocol to use "http"
host string Host for loading html5 library & kdp swf "www.kaltura.com"
securedHost string Secured host for loading html5 library & kdp swf "www.kaltura.com"
widgetId string Kaltura Widget Id _{partnerId}
partnerId int Kaltura Partner Id null
cacheSt int Add cacheSt parameter to bust cache. Should be future timestamp null
uiConfId int Kaltura UiConf Id null
entryId string Kaltura Entry Id null
entryMeta object Entry Metadata object. Example: {name: "Foo", description: "Bar", thumbnailUrl: "http://foo.bar.com/img.jpg"} null
width int Set player width 400
height int Set player height 330
attributes object Adds additonal attributes to embed code. Example: { "class": "player" } {} (empty object)
flashVars object Adds flashVars to player. Example: { "autoPlay": "true" } {} (empty object)
includeKalturaLinks boolean Include Kaltura SEO links true
includeSeoMetadata boolean Include Entry SEO Metadata ( taken from {entryMeta} option ) false
includeHtml5Library boolean Inclde HTML5 Library in legacy embed type true

You can set the configuration options when creating a new instance to set the defaults and you can also set the configuration when calling getCode method.

Any option that sets on getCode will override options that were set when creating the instance.

var gen = new kEmbedCodeGenerator({
	'host': 'cdnapi.kaltura.com',
	'partnerId': 1111,
	'widgetId': 1111,
	'width': 680,
	'height': 420
	'uiConfId': 0000000,
	'entryId': 'x_0000000',	
	'height': 300 // Will generate embed with "height" of 300px 

If you like to play with all the different options you're welcome to try out the demo


This library uses Handlebars to manage the embed code templates and includes handlebars.runtime.js library. If your project already uses handlebars, you can remove that file from grunt.js file.

This library also uses JSON.strinify method which is supported nativaliy in modern browsers. If you need to support older browsers, please add the following code.

<!--[if lt IE 9]>
<script src="http://ajax.cdnjs.com/ajax/libs/json2/20110223/json2.js"></script>

Build minified version

Just run: