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A small demo for utilising Kaltura's Quiz capabilities
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A small demo for utilising Kaltura's Quiz capabilities


  • PHP 5.3 and above
  • Kaltura PHP5 clinetlibs which can be downloaded from
  • A partner ID, secret and admin_secret on Kaltura's SaaS
  • The partner must have the "Quiz - Cue Points" permission set. If on SaaS, contact support to enable it, on a self hosted ENV, go to admin console->publishers->your partner->actions->configure->check "Quiz - Cue Points"


  • Place outside of your docroot and make it readable to the apache user or place under docroot but set proper .htaccess to avoid download
  • Edit and set needed values
  • Place all other files under your docroot
  • Edit index.php, report.php and play.php so that the path to KalturaClient.php and reflects your ENV
  • If your partner does not have quiz enabled players, run:
php create_quiz_bse_player.php <service_url> <partner_id> <secret> <player_ver> quiz_bse_player.json 
php create_quiz_player.php <service_url> <partner_id> <secret> <player_ver> quiz_player.json


  • - global vars needed to establish a KS [Kaltura Session]
  • index.php - accepts an entry ID as a GET param, generates an ADMIN KS and loads Kaltura Editor Application [KEA] as an iframe
  • play.php - generates a USER KS with a random userId and loads a Quiz enabled Kaltura player [defined in]
  • report.php - shows basic quiz submission stats
  • util_functions.php - a collection of small utility functions used in report.php to display quiz submission stats.
  • create_quiz_player.php - help script to create a quiz player, needed to show quiz questions
  • create_quiz_bse_player.php - help script to create a quiz BSE player, needed to add/edit a quiz
  • quiz_player.xml - config file for quiz player, used by create_quiz_player.php
  • quiz_bse_player.xml - config file for quiz BSE player, used by create_quiz_bse_player.php
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