Code from the CVPR paper: Latent Trees for Estimating Intensity of Facial Action Units
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This repository contains the MATLAB code from the following publication:

S. Kaltwang, S. Todorovic, and M. Pantic, “Latent Trees for Estimating Intensity of Facial Action Units,” in IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2015.

Please cite the publication above, in case that you use this software.


  • include this folder and all sub-folders in the MATLAB path
  • execute LT_example_script.m for a demo on random data
  • see the comments within LT_example_script.m and LT_example_model.m to adapt the model to your needs

This code has been tested with MATLAB R2013a.

Note: See also the newer Python implementation of this model.