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This plugin allows you to automatically publish links you post on your Mastodon timeline.

It is largely inspired by ArthurHoaro's shaarli2twitter and uses an adapted version of TootoPHP.


  • PHP 5.3
  • PHP cURL extension
  • Shaarli >= v0.8.1 in public mode (which is the default mode)


1. Create the application in Mastodon

On your Mastodon instance, go to Preferences > Development > Your applications and create a new one.

You can use whatever you want as name and website but if you have no idea, I suggest shaarli2mastodon and

In Scopes, chose only write permission and validate.

Your new application should appear in the list. Click on it and keep the first 3 settings visible, you'll need them for next step.

2. Install the plugin

You must download and copy the files under /plugins/shaarli2mastodon directory of your Shaarli installation. There are several ways to do so. Here, I'll be using Git.

Run the following command from within the /plugins directory:

$ git clone

Make sure these new files are readable by your web server (Apache, Nginx, etc.).

Then, on your Shaarli instance, go to Plugin administration page and activate the plugin.

3. Configure the plugin

Your parameters from step 1 will be used here. After plugin activation, you'll see 5 parameters.

  • MASTODON_INSTANCE: Your Mastodon instance, example:
  • MASTODON_APPID: Mastodon application ID
  • MASTODON_APPSECRET: Mastodon application secret
  • MASTODON_APPTOKEN: Mastodon application token
  • MASTODON_TOOT_FORMAT: The format of your toots. Available placeholders:
    • ${url}: URL of link shared
    • ${permalink}: permalink of the share
    • ${title}: title of the share
    • ${description}: description of the share
    • ${tags}: tags of the share, prefixed with # to be valid Mastodon tags


After you installed PHPUnit, you can run unit tests with:

$ phpunit tests


This Shaarli plugin allows you to automatically publish links you post on your Mastodon timeline.




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