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cpk file tools and text extraction tools for translation works on 坂あがりハリケーン
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Utilities to pack/unpack a CRI-CPK archive file written in python for linux use.


  • unpack a cpk file

    It is recommended that redirect the stdout of the script to a file (the script print the HEADER, TOC, ITOC and ETOC information to stdout)

  • search and extract shift-jis string from script file (scr.bin) with tag prefixed

    The search is based on some properties of embedded text, thus cannot be applied to a compressed or encrypted script file.

  • replace the edited script string into source script file (scr.bin) according to the prefix tag

    A text file with prefix tag can be splitted randomly and the importer will accept a splitted clip of files as parameter


You will need Python 2.x to run scripts.

Extra dependency bitarray can be installed from python-pip

# python-pip install bitarray


For usage detail, please run

$ <Command> --help

Extend work to these scripts is appreciative.


The file description is based on utf_table code by Halley's Comet Software

And a more systematic description from


(The MIT License)

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