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Fluids in TouchDesigner and GLSL
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Fluids in TouchDesigner and GLSL

touchFluid is a lightweight 2d Semi-Lagrangian fluid solver for TouchDesigner. It features vorticity confinement, temperature, buoyancy, and obstacles.

The repo has a .toe project file and a .tox component file. The project file shows examples of impulses and obstacles: holding 1, 2, and 3 on the keyboard will add velocity, density, and temperature at the mouse position. The tox is just the core simulation component with inputs and outputs for the advection of velocity, density/temperature, and RGBA color fields.

I have added the shaders as separate files for easy editing and versioning, though they are not required to run either the .toe or .tox.

touchFluid is a key component in my Masters thesis project for the Media Arts & Technology program at the University of California Santa Barbara.

This was originally written in CUDA. That repo was forked and can be found here: touchFluidCUDA.


  1. Jos Stam, Stable Fluids.
  2. Ronald Fedikw, Jos Stam, and Henrik Wann Jensen, Visual Simulation of Smoke.
  3. Mark Harris, Fast Fluid Dynamics Simulation on the GPU.
  4. Philip Rideout, Simple Fluid Simulation.


touchFluid code is released under the MIT License.

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