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Gridworld for MARL experiments
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Gridworld for MARL experiments, based on MiniGrid.

Three agents navigating a cluttered MarlGrid environment.

Training multiple independent learners

Pre-built environment

MarlGrid comes with a few pre-built environments (see marlgrid/envs):

  • MarlGrid-3AgentCluttered11x11-v0
  • MarlGrid-3AgentCluttered15x15-v0
  • MarlGrid-2AgentEmpty9x9-v0
  • MarlGrid-3AgentEmpty9x9-v0
  • MarlGrid-4AgentEmpty9x9-v0 (as of v0.0.2)

Custom environment

Create an RL agent (e.g. TestRLAgent subclassing marlgrid.agents.LearningAgent) that implements:

  • action_step(self, obs),
  • save_step(self, *transition_values),
  • start_episode(self) (optional),
  • end_episode(self) (optional),

Then multiple such agents can be trained in a MARLGrid environment like ClutteredMultiGrid:

agents = marlgrid.agents.IndependentLearners(

env = ClutteredMultiGrid(agents, grid_size=15, n_clutter=10)

for i_episode in range(N_episodes):

    obs_array = env.reset()

    with agents.episode():

        episode_over = False

        while not episode_over:
            # env.render()

            # Get an array with actions for each agent.
            action_array = agents.action_step(obs_array)

            # Step the multi-agent environment
            next_obs_array, reward_array, done, _ = env.step(action_array)

            # Save the transition data to replay buffers, if necessary
            agents.save_step(obs_array, action_array, next_obs_array, reward_array, done)

            obs_array = next_obs_array

            episode_over = done
            # or if "done" is per-agent:
            episode_over = all(done) # or any(done)
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