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LTspice Control Library

LTspice Control Library provides a set of control elements, that allow to design a controller of a circuit by drawing a control block diagram and simulate the circuit and the controller on LTspice IV / XVII.

3PhaseInverter example


  1. Install LTspice IV / XVII.
  2. Download LTspice Control Library.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file and run the script.
    LTspice IV: Run "LTspiceControlLibrary\install.bat" as Administrator.
    LTspice XVII: Run "LTspiceControlLibrary\installXVII.bat".
    This script works as below:
  • Search the installation directory of LTspice IV. (default: LTSPICE_DIR=C:\Program Files\LTC\LTspiceIV)
    Search the personal directory of LTspice XVII. (default: LTSPICE_DIR=%USERPROFILE%\Documents\LTspiceXVII)
  • Copy "LTspiceControlLibrary\lib\sub\LTspiceControlLibrary" to "%LTSPICE_DIR%\lib\sub\LTspiceControlLibrary".
  • Copy "LTspiceControlLibrary\lib\sym\LTspiceControlLibrary" to "%LTSPICE_DIR%\lib\sym\LTspiceControlLibrary".
  1. Restart LTspice IV / XVII. The library should be now usable.
  2. Try examples in "LTspiceControlLibrary\examples" to confirm installation and learn how to use this library.

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A LTspice library for designing controller by drwaing control block diagram




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