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🌉 Gate is a proxy server for notification written in Go


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Gate posts a message in Slack and LINE.


To compile the Gate binaries from source, clone the Gate repository. Then, navigate to the new directory.

$ git clone
$ cd gate

Compile the gate and gatecli which will be stored it in $GOPATH/bin.

$ go install

Finally, make sure that the gate and gatecli binaries are available on your PATH.


Gate loads its configuration in ~/.config/gate/config.json as a default. You need to create it then setup your channels' configuration:

  "gate": {
    "scheme": "http",
    "host": "",
    "port": 5731,
    "client": {
      "default": ""
  "platforms": {
    "slack": {
      "channel-1": "[YOUR-INCOMING-URL]",
      "channel-2": "[YOUR-INCOMING-URL]"
    "line": {
      "service-1": "[YOUR-ACCESS-TOKEN]"
    "pixela": {
      "username/graph-id": "[YOUR-TOKEN]"



Run the gate server. If neeeded, run the command with argument of configuration path.

$ gate -config=/path/to/config.json


First, you need to install the configuration of gate to run gatecli via network. You will get the partial configuration of config.json.

$ curl -sL > ~/.config/gate/cli.json

Then, run gatecli to post the platforms.

$ echo "foobar" | gatecli
$ echo "foobar" | gatecli # You can send a message without argument for the default target in cli.json

If you'd like to parse another cli.json. Please run the command with arguments like the below.

$ echo "foobar" | gatecli -config=/path/to/cli.json


You need to get an incoming webhook url what you want to post message before run it.

$ echo "Hello world!" | gatecli


You need to create a service what you want to post message before run it.

$ echo "Hello world!" | gatecli line.service-1


You need to create a graph what you want to update before run it.

Input a quantity from STDIN, then pass it to gatecli.

# i, inc, or increment
$ echo i | gatecli pixela.username/graph-id # to increment of the day

# d, dec, or decrement
$ echo d | gatecli pixela.username/graph-id # to decrement of the day

$ echo 5 | gatecli pixela.username/graph-id # to assign the quantity of the day


The MIT License (MIT)


Shintaro Kaneko