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A jquery plugin that attaches tree-like behaviour to table.


  • jquery


Install from npm:

$ npm install @kanety/jquery-simple-tree-table --save


Add data-node-id and data-node-pid in your table:

  <tr data-node-id="1">
    <td>text of 1</td>
  <tr data-node-id="1.1" data-node-pid="1">
    <td>text of 1.1</td>
  <tr data-node-id="1.1.1" data-node-pid="1.1">
    <td>text of 1.1.1</td>
  <tr data-node-id="1.1.2" data-node-pid="1.1">
    <td>text of 1.1.2</td>

Then run:



Specify opened nodes:

  opened: [1]

Add expand / collapse button:

  expander: '#expander',
  collapser: '#collapser',

Store node states in sessionStorage or localStorage:

  store: 'session', // or 'local'
  storeKey: 'KEY'


Run Callbacks when a node is opened or closed:

}).on('node:open', function(e, $node) {
}).on('node:close', function(e, $node) {


The library is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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