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Twitter mining from Strange Loop 2010
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This is a simple tweet miner, built at (and after) an impromptu
session at Strange Loop 2010. This version uses all tweets that
include references to other users, which can make the graph really
big and dense and amusingly unstable in protovis.

To use:

1. Install Leiningen (
   You'll also need protovis (
   installed as ../protovis-3.2 to view the output graph.

2. Build:
   lein uberjar

  (Leiningen has been a little cranky for me -- I usually use Maven
   for builds. I used lein here because it's supposedly simpler and
   more clojure-y, but I'm still not impressed. If lein uberjar fails,
   try it again. No, really, just enter the same command again, a few
   times if necessary. Eventually it will probably work.)

3. Run:
   java -jar stl2010-0.1.0-standalone.jar network.js

This generates the network data as a javascript document. Open
vis-tweets.html to see the result.

Questions? Contact Kevin A. Archie <>
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