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A UI + syntax theme for @SublimeText inspired by GitHub's UI.
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A custom UI and syntax theme for Sublime Text 2/3 that comes in, both, a light and dark variation. Based on GitHub's UI and design guidelines.



Default flavor based on GitHub's UI.

screenshot-html screenshot-css screenshot-js

The font used in the screenshots is Monaco.

How to Install

Via Package Control

The easiest way to install is using Sublime Package Control, where Primer is listed as Theme - Primer.

  1. Open Command Palette using menu item Tools -> Command Palette... (P on Mac)
  2. Choose Package Control: Install Package
  3. Find Theme - Primer and hit Enter


You can also install the theme manually:

  1. Download the .zip
  2. Unzip and rename the folder to Theme - Primer
  3. Copy the folder into Packages directory, which you can find using the menu item Sublime Text -> Preferences -> Browse Packages...

How to Activate

Activate the UI theme and color scheme by modifying your user preferences file, which you can find using the menu item Sublime Text -> Preferences -> Settings - User (, on Mac).

Primer comes with different accent colors based on GitHub's color scheme (

Note: Don't forget to restart Sublime Text after activating the theme.

Settings for Primer


  "theme": "Primer.sublime-theme",
  "color_scheme": "Packages/Theme - Primer/primer.light.tmTheme"


  "theme": "Primer Dark.sublime-theme",
  "color_scheme": "Packages/Theme - Primer/primer.dark.tmTheme"


Only choose one setting per section.

Accent Colors

Accent colors are used in a number of different places ranging from the active tab, matched text color in the quick panel, and others.

  "theme_primer_tab_active_blue": true,

  "theme_primer_tab_active_green": true,
  "theme_primer_tab_active_red": true,
  "theme_primer_tab_active_orange": true,
  "theme_primer_tab_active_purple": true

screenshot-clr-blue screenshot-clr-green screenshot-clr-red screenshot-clr-orange screenshot-clr-purple

Tab Height
  "theme_primer_tabs_normal": true,

  "theme_primer_tabs_small": true,
  "theme_primer_tabs_large": true,
  "theme_primer_tabs_xlarge": true
Tab Font Size
  "theme_primer_tabs_font_normal": true,

  "theme_primer_tabs_font_small": true,
  "theme_primer_tabs_font_large": true,
  "theme_primer_tabs_font_xlarge": true
Sidebar Row Padding
  "theme_primer_sidebar_tree_normal": true,

  "theme_primer_sidebar_tree_xsmall": true,
  "theme_primer_sidebar_tree_small": true,
  "theme_primer_sidebar_tree_large": true,
  "theme_primer_sidebar_tree_xlarge": true
Sidebar Font Size
  "theme_primer_sidebar_font_normal": true,

  "theme_primer_sidebar_font_small": true,
  "theme_primer_sidebar_font_large": true,
  "theme_primer_sidebar_font_xlarge": true
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