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This is "coureur de villes".


The project is intended to be a personal trip dashboard to be used
while travelling on OCTranspo in Ottawa, ON, Canada. It uses GTFS
data provided at (, 
so it might be possible to use the program to track trips on other
transit systems which publish data in this form. In order to properly
use the GTFS data, the build_database program must be run against the
feed. This produces the sqlite3 database that the application
requires. Since the application was originally designed for a mobile
device, the database is a specialized pruning of the data set. This
pruning could possibly be specific to the OCTranspo service.


Presently the application only uses the static schedule data in the
GTFS feed to allow a transit rider to:

- search for stops
- wait at a stop
- select a bus to ride
- see upcoming stops while riding

Future features will be:

- integration of the gps on maemo devices to search for stops while
  waiting and riding
- travel log which records the user's trips