Interrupts 'top-like' utility for Linux
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Interrupts 'top-like' utility for Linux

initial idea:

Forked it to make it support more CPUs (up to 24 tested)

Modified by Mitch Williams to enable filtering, user-specified timing interval, and to print the full interrupt name (instead of the interrupt type and a tiny bit of the name).


itop [-a|-t|-f <string>|-i <interval>]

 -a : force display ALL CPUs (caution if you have many CPUs and a narrow screen) + TOTAL
 -t : DON'T display ALL CPUs, just the TOTAL

Default: display ALL CPUs + TOTAL (unless CPUs > 8, then just display the TOTAL)

-f <string>: only show interrupts that match on the specified string

Default: display all interrupts

-i <interval>: sample every <interval> seconds. Can be fractional.

Default: sample and display every second. Note: specifying very short intervals without filters may cause display flickering.


  • Display all interrupts, updating once per second:
$ itop
  • Only display interrupts related to eth0, once per second:
$ itop -f eth0
  • Only display interrupts owned by the ahci driver, every five seconds:
$ itop -f ahci -n 5
  • Only display interrups owned by the ixgbe driver, ten times per second:
$ itop -f ixgbe -n 0.1